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Fang Shen Do

FSD prepares the individual physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually while teaching the finest and most efficient personal protection system ever developed for today’s society.

Fang Shen Do is an eclectic martial art system developed by the late founders, Sijo Jacques & Linda Patenaude in 1975. It simply means: Way of Survival.

If Bruce Lee was alive today he would be training with the Patenaudes

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Our History

Fang Shen Do Heritage - Sijo Jacques and Linda Patenaude

For the founders as well as their surviving children, martial arts practice is a vehicle for success, happiness, and self-mastery.

Having both met at the tender age of 17 and 14, they hitch hiked to the big city with no money, a gym bag, love and a dream. They set out to build the largest chain of martial arts schools in Canada, which they accomplished, based on the very principles you’ll be learning in their dojos.

FSD is unique in a way no other martial art system is, by merging personal growth, life hacks, and success principles learned from some of the top experts in these fields to their curriculum.

Their martial art system also covers all ranges of combat, including punching, kicking, grappling, trapping (close quarter tactics) and weapons training.

Survival has many meanings for the Patenaude family

  1. To survive any kind of physical attack against yourself or your family
  2. To survive and thrive in your personal & professional endeavors
  3. To live a healthy lifestyle that promotes vitality, energy, and happiness
  4. To laugh at and discard any judgment or criticism from others concerning your goals, your dreams, your change of career, or any other choices you make that doesn’t fit the status quo
  5. To defend yourself against your own self-doubt, fear and procrastination
  6. To never give up on your dreams
  7. To surround yourself with like-minded people, building a fortress against negativity, and ultimately giving back to the community you’re part of

The Future of FSD

The Martial Arts were originally aimed towards life preservation and self-defense, but today people come to us from all walks of life, each with their own set of reasons for wanting to train at our schools using the Fang Shen Do System™.

Some want to learn self-defense, others want to have self discipline, some seek to become physically fit, others just want to release stress, have fun and be entertained, while some want to become MMA fighters and make a name for themselves inside the Octagon.

Whatever the reason you choose, you will find others just like yourself studying here.

The Patenaude family has developed and honed proven teaching methods in the past 42 years that will not only help you learn the art of self defense quickly and easily but will also provide a wide range of other benefits for students of all ages.